How do I resend an invitation for a reference check or 360?

If you have received an invitation from an organization to complete a Reference Check or a 360 assessment, you will be able to send a similar invitation to your referrals or peers. This way, your referrals can comment on their experiences working with you.

Occasionally, when sending this invitation your referrals may not receive the email or may accidentally delete the message. If this occurs, you can login to your TalentNest account and resend the invitations.

If you click the Resend option, the system will send a new invitation to all of the invitees who have not yet completed the review.

If you click the View option, you will be able to check on the names and email addresses of your referrals to make sure they are correct.

If you notice a mistake, you can Edit those incomplete referrals and update their contact information.

There is also an option to add a new referral, in case you want to send a new invitation to a new contact.

Once you've added all of the new information, click the Resend option to ensure that the new invite goes out to the correct contact.


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