I'm an employee of a company and TalentNest doesn't recognize my employee information

One of the first questions a candidate will see when creating an account in TalentNest is regarding whether they are an Employee.

Toggling the Yes option will display a new text box where you can enter your employee number.

When creating your account, the First Name, Last Name and Employee Number you enter must exactly match what the Human Resources department at your company has on file for you. This may be verified by looking at your pay stub, or contacting the Human Resources department at your organization.

Each company's employee number may be formatted differently, but an exact match is required.  For example, if an employee number may not start with a 0.

If you are an Employee of a company using TalentNest, and the system still cannot find a match for your employee #, create the account as an external candidate, and contact the HR department for your company.  They will be able to review your employee information, and upgrade any account you have in TalentNest to the proper status.

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